Generate the greatest value to our stakeholders. Our only goal is to exceed original expectations of business partners, constantly increasing our quality standards through ongoing training of our human capital as well as the professionalism and efficiency in each of our processes.


Diversification and steady growth becoming a reference point within each sector and each market served. Pushing our limitations through the empowerment of our human capital with the best knowledge and advanced technology in order to increase our profitability and competitiveness in a constant search for harmony between our companies, the community and the environment.


The members of each company within the group, Directors, managers and employees act in compliance with the following values:

Integrity. Assume every challenge, function and activity with responsibility, honesty and integrity.

Quality and Efficiency. Create the greatest value to our shareholders, customers, suppliers and staff.

Commitment. Always give our best to show our knowledge, professionalism and social responsibility.

Attitude. Always communicate our optimism and confidence so as to achieve our obligations and objectives.

Creativity. Breaking paradigms through training, technological and process innovation, having in mind always to protect our intellectual heritage and our business partners.


Loyalty and Respect. To the group, the people and the environment, acting always according to the truth and all of our other values.

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