Vessel Mexicana is a Mexican company which integrates various services and offers specialized ships in support to offshore operations and ports of the Southern Gulf of México. 


To offer integrated solutions in order to give specialized attention and solutions to the offshore operation company requirements in accordance with the highest international standards and laws,


Today, we are developing new strategic alliances to offer logistics options and specialized services tailored to the needs of our customers. Our purpose, in a mid-term, is to extend the reach of our operations not only involving presence in shallow-water areas but also in support of the more remote deep-water oil fields.

The location of our bases is strategic as it is found in short distance of five new contractual areas:

1. Amoca, Miztón, Tecoalli (67 km²);

2. Hokchi (39.598 km²);

3. Xulum (58.8 km²);

4. Pokoch/Ichalkil (58 km²);

5. Misón/Nak (54.9 km²)

Currently, Vessel Mexicana operates in a joint venture with Rediesa Soluciones a space of 16,000 m² and 230 meters of the non-exclusive dock in the port of Dos Bocas, Tabasco.


Located 35 km away from the nearest polygon of the contractual area Nr. 1, the oil province of the Southeast Basins. The oil province of the Southeast basins covers a total of ​​278.3 km², formed by 5 polygons; containing reserves in total of 322.4 million barrels of oil (55.6 1P, 106.7 2P, 160.1 3P), 229.5 million cubic feet of gas (32.9 1P, 69.3 2P, 127.3 3P), and 372 million barrels of crude oil (62.8 1P, 121.6 2P, 187.6 3P). Currently, three of these blocks are operated by ENI International B.V.


Grúas Villarreal, is a 100% mexicana dedicated to the  lease of cranes, equipment and ground transportation in different modalities and capabilities. Offering integral solutions of load, transfer, discharge and montage, for the industries of energy, petrochemistry, maritime, civil work and specialized maneuvers.


Canega was founded in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico in 1923. CANEGA provides a wide range of maritime and offshore oil related services coupled with the highest standards of service, quality and safety throughout Mexico, U.S. Gulf, Caribbean, Central and South America, West Africa and the Middle East.

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